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In America, southern foods are different from the foods cooked in the other Curvy speed dating. Some couples choose to hold a simple wedding reception with very few friends and relatives.

Food preparation in America can take remarkably little time, or no time at all in case people choose to order.

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The Native Americans saw what the Europeans were doing to their lives, they wanted their old way of life, and they wanted the Europeans to go away. Through my experiences, I have learned to believe that the American dream is no more than just a dream.

Native Americans during the time of the early settlers where treated very badly.

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American food does not have many spices. Americans do not have a defined staple food. When the Europeans guns didn't work for the Europeans, the disease they bought killed the Native Americans even more effectively.

The students go the classrooms and take notes.

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This is different in Vietnam. Vietnamese rarely eat fast foods, and they often prepare their own snacks. In fact, she had over a 4. This is different in Vietnam, where red is the preferred color for the wedding dress, since it represents good luck and fortune.

Vietnamese prefer cooking their food and eating in the home. In America, the level of interaction between the teachers and students is high.

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One of the first contradictions Steinbeck uses that I have personally experienced is, "We are alert, curious, hopeful, and we take more drugs designed to make us unaware than any other people. Vietnamese make and eat noodles from wheat, rice, or beans.

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In America, the couple decides which day their wedding will take place. People eat noodles at any time of day. Some people eat noodles for the three main meals of the day.

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Both cultures eat cooked foods America and americans essay vegetables, and they add fruits to their diets.

They both use a variety of meat sources in their diet. In Vietnam, teachers do not encourage critical thinking. Noodles are not a main part of American diet.

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Americans rarely use sauces as accompaniments with their meals. Many Americans choose to buy their groceries once a week. In Vietnam, the teachers, rather than the students, have a central role.

The education system in America and Vietnam differs in different ways.

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Forks, spoons, and knives are the main culinary items that Americans use when eating food. Both systems have public and private education sectors. The culture, beliefs and practices of the people are different. Would she have spent hundreds of dollars getting her car "fixed" when five dollars would have been suitable for gas?

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Over the years the White Man has come onto Native lands and gradually pushed them out, using the land for whatever they have need to. In both countries, people eat three main meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the day.

Breakfast is a serious affair in Vietnam. In both countries, the parents and the government invest a lot of money and other resources on education, and the literacy rates are high. However, she began taking drugs and progressively followed a downhill track until she was barely even able to think at all.