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His victims - chosen at random - included a retired doctor and his wife, who were stabbed to death in their home. In a desperate and ominous appeal in the run-up to the murders, Gonzalez's own mother had written to her MP asking whether her son had to kill someone before he was given treatment.

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His wife, daughter and another female relative, had been posing for him when he was murdered. Paranoid schizophrenic Daniel Gonzalez received inadequate treatment from doctors and carers before arming himself with a variety of knives and launching a Freddy Krueger-inspired killing spree.

Police told The Inquirer newspaper of Manila that the second lookout has been identified as Rommel Oliva, while there was a third man identified as Francis Bumjal, although he is not in the picture.

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The report concluded it was a case full of missed opportunities caused by human error, a lack of resources, system failure and bad luck, and said carers were not committed to fully understanding Gonzalez's needs.

Two days before the first murder, Gonzalez gave himself two black eyes by punching himself in the face and proceeded to run naked through the Missionary dating of Knaphill, Woking, before running home.

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He was locked up in Broadmoor top-security hospital, where he was considered one of the most dangerous prisoners, but was found dead in his cell in after slashing his wrists with the shards of broken compact discs.

He was arrested soon afterwards when the district councillor's family handed the camera to police. Mrs Scott-Moncrieff, who spoke to Gonzalez in Broadmoor after the murders, said: The year-old, of Woking, Surrey, had also written to his GP before the killings pleading to be admitted to hospital for help.

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Police chief Jude Santos said: As his daughter, wife and mother-in-law stand smiling outside their home, the killer walks up behind the group and takes aim. Two men survived his attacks: The search is now on for the gunman's accomplice, who is standing to the right of the photo as he watches Gonzales taking aim, the muzzle of his pistol highlighted by the camera flash.

The gunman left and his accomplice right are captured on the family photo taken by the murdered victim The left-hand portion of the photograph, seen here, shows how the killer came from behind a parked car to take aim at the politician Two shots rang out and Mr Dagsa was hit on his right forearm and in the chest.

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He also criticised the lack of continuity of his care and the fact that most of his appointments were with different doctors. Today's report into his mental health care revealed that although he attended nearly 60 appointments with doctors and psychiatrists, more could have been done to prevent the tragedies.

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However, the report also found that doctors had not overlooked his capacity for serious violence and there were no missed clues that he would carry out the brutal knifings. The independent report, commissioned by NHS South East Coast and Surrey County Council, concluded that Gonzalez - who was inspired by horror films such as Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday The 13th - was not treated successfully and health professionals never engaged effectively with him.

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In interviews after the killings, Gonzalez said he thought the authorities should have acted on this behaviour and things might have turned out differently.