Why are all older men so stupefyingly BORING? | Daily Mail Online Why are all older men so stupefyingly BORING? | Daily Mail Online

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But however excruciatingly painful a social occasion might be when Trappist monk men are present, I often console myself with the thought that at least it will soon be over.

Most watched News videos. It comes Bored dating stories days after a UK study revealed a quarter of Britons have had an affair and most are not satisfied with their sex lives. None of the women were looking to leave their husbands' Professor Eric Anderson Prof Anderson, chief science officer at AshleyMadison.

Unless they buck up their ideas and start joining in, I can foresee a time when there will be swathes of ditched older men living alone with only the crossword for company, while women of the same age are having the time of their lives.

Meanwhile, nearly one in three men and more than one in five women claimed to have had more than ten sexual partners.

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Most older men have let it all go to pot belly and Dating services in barbados on buckets of pills after a lifetime of unhealthy living.

Surely there must be some worthwhile men out there? An interest in the latest books, films and plays?

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I got divorced in the late Eighties and then met a wonderful partner, the witty writer John Sandilands. But take a quick look at the men on these sites as I have done and you will soon discover they are far from appealing.

I thought a cruise might help me over the loss and — perhaps as an outside chance — be the place to find someone equally exciting. Was it beyond their capabilities to strike up a bit of conversation with a stranger? The men among the passengers would sit through dinner without saying a word.

And besides, a lot of women are shy, too, yet almost always they will do their best to engage with new company — to ask questions, tell stories and socialise.

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Yet their wives and partners were talking all the time — to other women. Gentlemen, you have been warned.


The Grumpy Club for grumpy old men was set up by Steve Potten in Its motto is 'And another thing Two of my sixty-something male friends offered an explanation of the Dull Old Man syndrome.

Older women go to a lot of trouble to stay slim, attractive and healthy. Only 47 per cent discussed the number of potential suitors they were searching for - but of those who did, all wanted to cheat with just one man.

Share this article Share Two thirds of the women - 67 per cent - said they sought an affair on AshleyMadison. There are increasing numbers of dating sites aimed at the overs.

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Where are they all hiding? At university and work, it was the men who called the shots and the women who simply nodded approvingly. Imagine what it must be like to spend the rest of your life with a monosyllabic male.

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