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Dating and penpals, what is a pen pal?

In pre-internet days, "pen pals" or "pen friends" were friends who kept in touch by sending letters, written with a pen or pencil or typewriter.

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Often, they never met in person. Pitfalls If you're hoping to find a partner by finding a pen pal, you do need to be careful. By Beth S, M. Don't take it for granted that they would want to meet in person.

It's sometimes easier to share emotions on paper than in person, and a letter can fee like a safe place to express hopes and dreams. Also, be wary of scams. Letters can be lies.

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Letters took time to write, and time to travel from the writer's door to the recipient's. What about more traditional pen pals? Can a relationship based on letters turn into the real thing? Many sites are for children and teens only, but some welcome adults who want to connect with people their own age.

The section is divided into two sites, one for people who want to practice a language and one for people who just want to make friends from other cultures.

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Easy Pen Pals is ad-heavy, but it does allow free searches and it's free to post a request. Each letter was a little story, a snapshot of the writer's life at that moment. But this stage is usually brief, with an in-person meeting the definite goal.

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Before you get emotionally involved, consider the pitfalls. Others are strictly "friendship only. Since the idea is to make a new friend, not necessarily to get a date, there's no pressure. What Is a Pen Pal?

Sexual attraction might be lacking, or you're the person's social skills might be better on paper. Back before email and free long distance, when a person wanted to communicate with someone who lived far away, they wrote a letter.

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Communicating through letters can turn into a romantic connection, or just be a different kind of friend. Writing isn't real life. Was this page useful?

Members might e-mail back and forth many times before deciding to meet.

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You can post a request or search others' posts. Be careful whom you trust. Some are open to people who are interested in dating. By exchanging letters, they shared mutual interests and taught each other about different cultures, religions, and lifestyles.

Emotions can be ephemeral.

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But they might be Dating and penpals you at arm's or pen's length for a reason. Pen Pals and Dating With the popularity of online dating sites, many people are starting "pen" relationships with potential partners. Finding a Pen Friend You can still connect with a pen friend through some organizations, but the easiest way to start a writing relationship is by looking online.

The "letters" are usually e-mails or IM's, and the communication is Dating and penpals. Writing long letters can help people discover how much they have in common. Europa Pages does state that it is not a dating site, and ads specifically seeking dates will be removed.