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When he was twelve he found a dog in the woods behind his house whom he adopted and named Archimedes. Archimedes would often try to escape so Mac's grandfather installed an invisible fence to keep him in the garden. He grew close to his science teacher Arthur Ericson, who was very supportive of Mac, allowing him to stay in the lab after school to complete experiments.

I'm amazed by what I have witnessed in the last few years in our industry. Left with no other choice, Mac and Jack aid Sarah in flushing the dealer out of his compound using mirrors, a stick, a lens and sunlight and chase him down when he tries to flee on a super-bike. He wants to help soldiers who is facing real problems instead of solving theoretical problems.

Season 1 In the onset of the series, MacGyver has been working as a field agent in DXS under the purview of Director Patricia Thornton for just over three years while partnered with Jack Dalton, his security and intel specialist, and Nikki Carpenter, a senior computer analyst whom Mac had also been dating for the past two years.

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Thanks to his training in the army, Mac is a highly skilled hand to hand combatant, able to hold his own against trained soldiers and use just about anything around him to help beat his opponent. Angus Friends Welcome to the Laflin Ranch web site. He is not above Dating angus to defend his team-mates, innocents or himself as a last resort as evidenced by his taking out a mercenary on a train by blasting him out of a door with a torpedo while the train was going at break-neck speed but it is nonetheless a rare occurrence.

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He currently lives in a shared house with his best friend Wilt Boozer who like the general public believes that DXS is just a Think-Tank. Mac gives up the bio-weapon, but Kendrick shoots both him and Nikki anyway, killing her and badly wounding Mac before fleeing with the weapon.

Mac began to rely heavily on this support after his father, left. While at high school, Mac had a "huge crush" on his lab partner Darlene Martin. Fleeing the scene with Jack, they are confronted by a Dating angus named John Kendrick holding Nikki hostage.

Though he was a model student, Mac was not above breaking into the science building after school hours to do somewhat more controversial experiments that ranged from building miniature nuclear reactors to creating lightning indoors, a penchant which earned him a reputation among the staff.

He can also speak fluent Italian. Laflin established the family's Angus program. DXS soon partnered him with Jack Daltonwho had originally joined the CIA for a short stint before being transferred, and the two worked together for another three years before the events of The Rising.

When they were discharged, Mac was recruited by the ultra-secret DXS.

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I want to thank my entire family for all they do. MacGyver's greatest asset in the field is his amazing intellect. Has a scar on the left side of his upper chest where he was shot by John Kendrick.

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This is our th year of raising this great breed of cattle. He has used two models so far, one given to him by his grandfather that he lost to a monkey and another which was given to him by Jack Dalton as a replacement. Three months later, Thornton recalls Mac back into action to recover the bio-weapon Kendrick stole.

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Mac later returns to Nikki's apartment again and discovers a hidden key before rounding off the day with a barbecue at his house with Jack, Riley and Bozer. They chase Nikki into an alley outside but she escapes with Kendrick, revealing that she has been in league with him the entire time.

Riley h, however,racks Nikki down again to a private plane which Mac forces to ground, allowing them to capture Nikki and discover that the target of the bio-attack is San Francisco itself. They successfully evacuate Ralph and gain the upper hand against D It's going to take time to rebuild the U.

To that end, he does not use guns Essay on importance of healthy life the field, preferring to rely on his mind and environment to get him out of a sticky situation. Mac and the team follow them and rescue Ralph using refrigerator coolant and improvised gas-masks before waking him with a big injection of insulin and glucose.