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Matthew Perry Matthey Perry has been reported on multiple dating websites: Far more trendy these days, however, are free social networking services, which are often used for dating. Unfortunately the Tinder account associate with him was a fake, but the jokes that writer Ross Cohen, the owner of the account, was able to have with other users are hilarious.

There are pages on MySpace for most celebrities; a search for Cuomo comes up with 36 pages and a search for Berry more than After submitting his profile, he said the Web site responded: Adele Adele reportedly used eHarmony when she was broken up with before, but since she was already famous it proved a difficult experience.

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Defamer has a disclaimer along with its report. She elected not to use photos of herself, which anyone who uses online dating knows it's hard to really fall for someone without pictures.

If true, you can clearly see what he has on his mind for a partner I chime in and say a little fun stuff. But as the No. Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan was a fairly early adopter of Tinder.

The director of "The Girl Next Door" has a personable profile on the site that makes him sounds really sweet! Edward Snowden After leaking out government secrets, Snowden is now seeking asylum It could be Halle Berry, so you might want to say hello.

Chelsea Handler Chelsea Handler loves the idea of Tinder. There's no commitment in the app, of course, so perhaps she just spends all day judging people who wish they could date someone as famous as her.

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And a study by Ultrasound dating rules, an Internet industry research firm, shows customer satisfaction with online dating is low. And the stars have dry spells just like everyone else.

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Joan Rivers Joan Rivers boldly made a Match. She wanted to switch things up a little bit, and opted to avoid talking about her fame to try to date someone a little more down to earth, preferring instead to talk about her cats. Rivers' profile also tells readers she is a comedian, interested in "coffee and conversation" and includes a picture of the year-old comic.

And a whole 30 percent are married or live with a significant other, according to Keynote.