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But Gloria Allred has championed women's rights for decades, seeming completely immune to the childish taunts thrown her way.

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The finding of a lost city near the prehistoric structure has led an archaeological team headed by Prof. I'll admit that I initially judged the book by its cover, but once I actually got around to watching the show I found myself utterly delighted by the subject matter.

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Lady Gaga may be a larger than life persona, but the documentary really highlights the dedication and hard work required by the singer to be a superstar and pull off something as grand as a Super Bowl performance.

It's a beautifully crafted series that doesn't shy away from shining Dating documentary netflix on the hard truths of existing in this day and age.

Even the way the He-Man and Barbie teams from Mattel talk about each other across both episodes was delightful. The seven-part series was nearly impossible for me to turn off, completely and utterly gripping from the onset.

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Juxtaposing interviews with experts and eyewitnesses with historical media reports, the film shows how the press helped win the American public's approval despite widespread condemnation abroad.

Anyway, here are the 50 best documentaries currently streaming on Netflix: Here are 12 completely fantastic documentaries on Netflix right now, destined to blow your mind or at least make you think a little.

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A big sensitivity warning: Stream on Netflix Netflix has only released half of the first season back in December, and I have spent the last three months constantly checking to see if they added the other half.

It's just fun watching these actors -who have all become considerably more famous since their meager film came out—play around and goof off with each other.

Disaster at Sea NR 3. And even thicker skin if you're a female lawyer. The film follows the journey of these negatives to Mexico and their recovery 70 years later.

This documentary is an utterly fascinating look at the life and motivations of one of America's most known attorneys. This docuseries had me absolutely hooked in the first 10 minutes.

Kennedy is viewed from yet another angle in this documentary that introduces George H. But I found Gaga: Hookup 1xx jokes come at a relentless pace and even though the series is heavily playing into fun tropes, you'll really have no idea where some of these ridiculous gags are heading.

From Constantine's reign in the fourth century to today's evangelical base at the Air Force Academy. Trust me, you should take a few hours out of your day to watch this docuseries and just feel like a kid again. Alexander the Great NR 3. The local townspeople of Antelope, right next to Rajneeshpuram, even voted to disband their own town to try and prevent the Rajneesh's followers from taking over.

Alexandria NR 3. The film focuses on the park rangers at the Virunga National Park in the Congo, and their struggle to protect the mountain gorillas who live there. Even if you haven't seen the film that First Day of Camp is based on, there's still plenty to get excited about with the series delivering a pitch-perfect satire of not only camp films, but also the '80s.

The Keepers investigates the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a Catholic nun and high-school teacher, and how her murder possibly links to a pervasive sexual predator from the school, the priest Joseph Maskill.

Dark Legacy NR 3. Don't shy away from this docuseries, even you are turned off by the clunky title. Indeed, the conqueror brought east and west together in the mightiest clash of cultures the world has ever known. Dating documentary netflix Dating documentary netflix of Herzog Online dating who pays as Biblical prophet, hoisting a sign proclaiming the end times, but as the family cat, presenting you with the lifeless form of a slain household pest as a trophy.

A Place at the Table A powerful documentary about hunger in America, A Place at the Table delves into the lives and struggles of Americans suffering from food insecurities. It's an entire season of desserts. There are moments of somewhat corny chat recreation, but the complete picture of the person behind the titular screen name is chilling enough to forgive those phoned-in reenactments.

Is that even a saying? It will probably fill you with rage.