How Does Debt Affect Military Security Clearances How Does Debt Affect Military Security Clearances

Dating history could block security clearance, bad credit, bankruptcy and security clearances

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How is this going to affect my clearance? Each possible violation of a security clearance guideline is judged on its own merits. Colonel Damien Pickart, says the guidelines are not ranked in order of importance, relevance or any other potentially disqualifying information.

Factors That Cause Concern

If the debt was the result of unforeseen circumstances such as divorce, medical bill debt or a sudden downturn in the housing market, the review process will take that into consideration.

Security clearance reviewers are catching on. Bad Credit, Bankruptcy and Security Clearances Debt problems happen in the military for the same reason they do in civilian life: Form 86 is used to do background investigations; providing any information is voluntary.

Others are based on information reported by supervisors and coworkers. Though the whole process is voluntary, refusing to sign the release could result in denial of security clearance. This is a huge issue.

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In the best-case scenario, your response to the Statement of Reasons will be enough to clear things up. In addition to periodic random re-investigations for many personnel, top secret clearances are reviewed every 5 years, secret clearances every 10 years and confidential clearances every 15 years.

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Top secret classifications are further divided into sensitive compartmentalized information SCI and single scope background investigation SSBI. Even emailing off-color jokes can be a problem. Federal agencies generally fire or disqualify individuals who falsify information on this form.

Examiners might look particularly harshly at felony crimes and crimes involving dishonesty e. More typically, though, problems can arise when the spouse is from economic rivals such as China, Russia, Vietnam and India.

Dating history could block security clearance

Department of Defense, Security Clearance Form 86 is a page document that is given to anyone — including military members, contractors and consultants — who needs to receive or retain national security clearance.

Such problems are proliferating with the growth of online dating sites, says Alan Edmunds, an attorney who has specialized in clearing up clearance problems for the past 35 years.

While a single DUI can be a career killer, it won't necessarily kill your clearance.

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Adjudicative guidelines for determining eligibility for access to classified information E. Others have had false positives from supplements such as hemp seed oil.

Preparing for Security Clearance Interview Once you Dating history could block security clearance completed Form 86, the next step is to go through a security clearance interview.

Any known or suspected security violation or vulnerability. Other criteria are vague and require a subjective interpretation. The Defense Department has a set of rules called the Adjudicative Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified Information, that outlines the factors that influence security clearances and access to classified information.

Under Pentagon rules, you have the right to fight for your clearance, but you must take action quickly. Even just spending too much time surfing the Internet during work can get you in trouble.