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I know my behavior was reckless.

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We searched for people in our zip code to see if we knew anyone there. There are just far too many men on that site.

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I know what it feels like to be lonely. I did not think for one minute when I talked to or met up with or had sex with married men that it was right.

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If my kids found out that I have been Dating in pta the site, it would destroy me. We thought it was hilarious.

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But the site got me through one of the worst years of my life. We wanted fun, carefree relationships, with good sex.

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And I was in no position to go on Match. We could be you. He could easily be on Ashley Madison.

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I want people to know that a lot of women on the site are normal people. We stay up all night doing homework.

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But I would never Dating in pta someone who did. Who is after 18 years of marriage and two kids?

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Later, when I was in the beginning stages of divorce, I went back and made a profile. I learned what men are looking for.

But I never pursued those things.

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What kind of person would go on that site? When we went out with the men we met, we made sure our kids were with their fathers and well taken care of. I met a man who had three daughters and lived in a beautiful shoreline town.

I expected there to be a lot more sleaze and filth and desperation on the site.

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He was never going to leave his wife, and I never wanted him to. I have two beautiful sons, and all my friends have kids too. I was looking to spark a fire in my boring, boring life. We went out to dinner, to the movies—we looked like any other dating couple.

On Ashley Madison, men who said they were 6 feet tall actually were.

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Sure, there are people on the site who want new husbands, or are just in it for the sex or for money, but none of the women I knew on the site wanted those things. But it was for me for that one year.

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Every guy I met had a secret Gmail or Yahoo account.