wismyanmar.com - all about classic razors - Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield. wismyanmar.com - all about classic razors - Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield.

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The name is now owned by Egginton Brothers and is still being stamped on Sheffield made cutlery today. Went over most of the razors knocking out all the rust and as much pitting as I could.

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The first visitors did not even realise that the goods in the cabinets were for sale, the idea was so strange. Something nice that I could use to keep up my straight razors. Next up, I am going to attempt to salvage the scales. While continuing to make high quality products, the late Victorian period onwards were difficult for the company.

When the officer objected the headman told him that a British traveller had given him a Rodgers knife and told him they could cut through iron, something a prisoner in chains had done.

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I just added a few drops to the sand paper and went at it. I will try and fix it though. In the s the family moved into a block of workshops which would become their most famous address, No.

He even roasts his own coffee weekly.

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Around this period and inspired this prestigious title, Rodgers opened their first celebrated showroom in which they proudly exhibited their wares, including later on, arguably Rodgers two most famous knives, The Year Knife and The Norfolk Knife.

I think this really helped cut faster. I already buggered it up… Here is what I was able to do with the damaged point. However, it is with Rodgers that this mark will forever by associated and they registered it in My thought was to de pin them and then clean the steel up as best I could.

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However… I DID find some straight razors. Then I proceeded with the grits. Which really pissed me off… I felt horrible. From a workforce of inthe company had reduced to employees in Rodgers focused on producing the Dating joseph rodgers razor quality knives and looked for the best in every aspect of knife production from materials to workmanship.

I also took off a lot of patina and such. Joseph Rodgers had a reputation for producing the best quality items in Sheffield. By they had sold No. So, considering the rush job… how did I do?

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Like many of Sheffield cutlery firms, the early history of Joseph Rodgers is a little unclear. I was hoping for anything decent really. So here is where I stand right now.

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Nor have I ever done it before. There were a number of changes in ownership, one of which in even brought it together with its once fierce competitor, George Wostenholm.

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And I got the barbers notch to this point… That took about a little less than Dating specialist advice hour to do. Each knife was branded with the Star and Cross as a guarantee of its superb quality.

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