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He is attracted to anything stress free and without a competitive edge because he hates restriction but on the other hand, he is also attracted to things that stir his emotions, including women.

Suggest a quiet dinner date where you can discuss your feelings about world and social issues, and then move on to more personal matters.

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Step 6 Be firm but gentle. Not only is he creative and imaginative, he is also intuitive. The trick to handling the Pisces man is paying attention to his mood swings and trying to anticipate which way they are going to go.

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Pisces men love to be romanced by their women. Gentle but firm treatment is the best way to handle the Pisces man and get him to fall madly in love with you. He will fall in love easily and, while in love, believe the woman can do no wrong, no matter how bizarre her behavior.

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Alexandra Romanov The Pisces man is sensitive and responsive, too much so for his own good at times. Just be sure to use it sparingly. His tendency for secrecy can Dating pisces man tips stir a woman or frustrate her.

Love is full of drama, ups and downs but this is what makes dating or falling in love with the so great, it is an interesting experience full of passion, distance, thought, emotion and any other intuitive feelings, it is an emotional experience that you will hold on to forever.

Opposites Attract Virgo women may possess a cool demeanor, as they criticize about details and cleanliness and are always on the go. Of all the Zodiac signs, Pisces is the most easily caught by women. He lives in a world of fantasy, remember?

It takes the right amount of patience, tolerance and acceptance.

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This is the ultimate goal in a long term relationship and this is very difficult to achieve. But this makes it easy to approach him, for he is soft-spoken and kind. Candles, dinner at home and soft music are great favorites of these guys.

The Pisces male is a sucker for a pretty girl, any beautiful woman can date him.