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I don't even want to talk about it! I find that if you relax and be helpful good things will come to you. Anyone who will want to love me I enjoy plain old grey.

Someone with a great soul. I would serve them tea with a smile, making them believe they are in a safe situation and gradually get what we need out of them.

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I would just stay with them, never letting them leave my spiders web of a trap. I would act bashful at first, but then they would call me down and catch me when I jumped off.

Why would someone ever want to leave after experiencing that?

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I would look for someone who I think needs me and when the time is right will have to Dating spiele deutsch go. My rotten sadist of a co-worker is always bossing me around and bullying me!

I don't think I'd ever want to keep anyone hostage.

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If there is even a spiders thread of hope left, we grab it with out a second thought and pull ourselves out the the dark. They are such fragile creatures, never given a chance to grow wings or organs, wiped out with out a second thought by me Purple and green are my favorites.

A deep blue that can represent my hatred and sorrow. I enjoy some well made Phantomhive chocolates along with some tea.

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Oh I mean heart! Anything cooked by my lover would be fine! Someone is just as mellow as I am.

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I prefer to let the day go by slowly savoring every moment. My favorite color is gold, but I don't know how this gets us a perfect date.

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I was working for a certain young lord at a time and some of his orders were quite outrageous if you consider that abuse. Even colors relax me The color black, like a beautiful cat's soft, silky fur, or like a raven's glossy feathers.

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I'd prefer not to be touched Then together as the sun set in the background we would share a romantic, passionate, beautiful kiss!!! We humans will go anything to stop the abuse. I'd go play chess and let my servants take care of Dating spiele deutsch. Hugs are always nice.

Write a novel why don't ya!?

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I'd lure them into a dark room while I'm dressed in drag and then make a move on them! A person who isn't afraid to stand out in the crowd, and is ready to party!

Yes kind hearts, sweet heart, you know! If I were to be held, I would want my lover to come to my balcony calling out my name, with lust vibrating from their voice.