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I am disgusted by this company and i will go down every avenue possible to get this company closed down, and hopefully arrested, what they are doing is a criminal offence. What an appropriate -- and incredible -- thing for the star of Sherlock to do!

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Dan 2 HI Martha Girl you have been in my my radar since day one. You make me sick and im so bloody angry that people can do this, im not letting this go, no way According to Cumberbatch's Uber driver, Manuel Dias, things escalated quickly below: I have been refunded a few weeks before this threat, so they think that as they cant get money from me via the bank, they will threaten me direct instead!!

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I have been refunded my money on two occasions now, the last being dec You don't know who's been in that or who thats been inside! The pair was in an Uber when they saw the four men begin to beat up and accost a Deliveroo cyclist who was out in the neighborhood delivering meals to customers.

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May 23, 40 comments I am so happy i have found this page as iv been worried sick since 5th Aprilwhen they threatened me via email. I tried on their site, but there is no way of doing it, they emailed me only with automated emails, the activation code they sent me didnt work on 2 occassions and they told me to fax them, but there fax number wasnt recognised on 2 differant machines!

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Cumberbatch is being called a hero for jumping out of his Uber upon seeing the attempted mugging, and fighting off the muggers before the cyclist was injured. Send me a note!

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Martha you are one fine girl!! Obtaining money through deception?

Someone from BE2 has commented on here i see, i ask this person to give me a phone number if your genuine, as your site does not work, but then again you already know this, as you set it up to be that way didnt you? My bank have told me that because i paid by debit card, they cant stop the transactions from going out, but everytime they request a refund, BE2's bank will get charged Dating udlandet, so its not worth their while chasing me for years on end.

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According to news outletsthe attempted mugging apparently took place just a couple blocks away from London's Baker Street -- the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes -- when Cumberbatch was out for the night with his wife, Sophie Hunter.

News reports are coming out this morning about Benedict Cumberbatch allegedly fighting off FOUR muggers who were trying to rough up and steal money from a food delivery cyclist on a London street.

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I tried everything possible to cancel before the months trial was up. BE2's bank Private dating scan cost defenatly given up chasing me, but after no emails from this nasty company, EVER, they emailed me on Easter monday threatening me with debt collectors and legal action unless i pay up!

Basically, they will give up after a few times.

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