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Geosynchronous orbits[ edit ] A space ownership issue of current practical importance is the allocation of slots for satellites in geostationary orbit. This is managed by the International Telecommunication Union. He said the new legislation had provided greater consistency in the way properties were quoted across Victoria.

The Outer Space Treaty of has currently been ratified by countries, [5] including all the major space-faring nations. NASA declined to pay, citing the lack of legal standing.

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The eastern suburbs agency must also implement a program to educate its agents about their legal obligations and appoint a compliance officer to ensure that the program is effectively maintained. Though the details of some of the schemes' legal arguments vary, one goes so far as to state that although the Outer Space Treatywhich entered force inforbids countries from claiming celestial bodies, there is no such provision forbidding private individuals from doing so.

Heinleinwhich was written inoffers a portrayal regarding such plans or schemes, and created the concept of a Lunar Republic. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land also makes reference to a space law case called the Larkin Decision. Mangan — was a famous eccentric, public relations man and best-selling author on self-help topics who publicly claimed ownership of outer space in Company chief executive Bradley Brown apologised for the "unacceptable conduct by a few members of our team".

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Coles, former chairman of New York's Hayden Planetariumstarted "the interplanetary Development Corporation" [14] and sold lots on the moon for one dollar per acre. He allocates land to be sold by closing his eyes and randomly pointing to a map of the Moon.

They claim that they "inherited the planet from our ancestors 3, years ago", before Muhammad. She said the practice preyed on hopeful homebuyers, and the increasing number of fines sent a clear message.

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Fletcher and Parker was caught out after a taskforce from Consumer Affairs Victoria looked into sales and the corresponding advertising. As part of the punishment the company must acknowledge their contraventions in the local newspaper where they advertise, on property websites and display a notice in their office for six months.

Underquoting fines 'give homebuyers confidence' The Minister for Consumer Affairs, Marlene Kairouz, said the department would continue to crackdown on the misleading behaviour.

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Dean Lindsay made claims for all extraterrestrial objects on June 15,and sent a letter to Pittsburgh Notary Public along with a deed and money for establishment of the property. A white paper by the Competitive Enterprise Institute suggested legislation whereby the US would recognize claims made by private entities, American and others, which meet certain conditions regarding habitation and transportation.

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The Federal Court found Estate agent dating and Parker Balwyn breached consumer law in by falsely advertising the price of properties, engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct, and by making "false or misleading representations about the sale of land". The agents would use the false advertising in magazines, flyers and email responses in the hope of luring more potential buyers.

It has also been signed by 26 other nations but not yet ratified. The public sent offers to buy objects from him as well.

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However, Article VI of this treaty states "The activities of non-governmental entities in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, shall require authorization and continuing supervision by the appropriate State Party to the Treaty.

The court stated the realtor's offices in Blackburn and Canterbury knew houses would sell for much more than the advertised price, and the scheme had gone on for a number of months.

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He claims two former US presidents as customers, stating Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan had aides purchase them plots on the moon. Notable claims[ edit ] Chilean lawyer Jenaro Gajardo Vera became famous for his claim of ownership of the Moon.

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