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Can the nurse patient relationship survive? Others insisted the difference between a current patient and a former one -- at least when it comes to romance -- depends on a formal letter terminating the professional relationship.

In other words, they can't allow their clinical judgment to be clouded by personal concerns, lest those concerns hinder their ability to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Or are there perhaps other reasons we should strive to sever that possibility?

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Sexual or romantic interactions between physicians and patients detract from the goals of the physician-patient relationship [and] may exploit the vulnerability of the patient. Here we see the important relationship between the ethical and the empirical: All physicians should work to ensure that the needs of the poor in their communities are met.

Ever hear of "spell-check"? Whereas many qualified their answers with caveats that they themselves would not engage in such a relationship and that " The knowledge acquired by the physician during the patient-doctor relationship gives the physician an unfair advantage.

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The difference between treating a "boo-boo" -- as opposed to a patient's depression or cancer -- can't be overstated, says Kenneth Goodman, PhD, codirector or the University of Miami Ethics Programs. The conflict arises because Principle A exhorts psychologists to do good and not do harm, while Principle E exhorts psychologists to respect individuals' right to self-determination.

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Second, evidence available at the time standard Is this something you'd like to deal with? Are individuals able to exercise a truly autonomous choice to enter into a sexual involvement with a former treating psychologist?

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When are post-termination involvements most likely to occur? For example, it's unlikely that a patient who develops a sexually transmitted disease will be forthcoming about it with a physician if the patient has a sexual relationship with the clinician.

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What if you attend the same church? Such occurrences would almost certainly be counter-therapeutic.

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This question is important because a post-termination sexual involvement will preclude the possibility of any further professional relationship between the psychologist and client.

If the majority of involvements occur when autonomy is most compromised and harm is most likely to occur, it may make good ethical sense to create a heavy presumption against post-termination involvements.

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It's totally exploitative and wrong. How often do patients seek additional treatment with their psychologist after a therapy has ended? If you do believe this, do you feel that all relationships that begin with one partner in a vulnerable state should not be pursued?

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I learned that in first grade. Key third parties include, but are not limited to, spouses or partners, parents, guardians, and proxies.

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