Chapter 7: Fossils and Their Place in Time and Nature Flashcards Chapter 7: Fossils and Their Place in Time and Nature Flashcards

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The concept of radioactivity.

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They live in solitary, pairs, or small groups. Term what are the special characteristics of Tarsiers? A batholith resides nearby. Round, widely spaced, facing sideward nostrils. Foliation in metamorphic rocks was originally horizontal.

Term in which New World monkeys other than callitrichines do fathers carry their offspring paternal care? They are the only primates to be Faunivore- eats animal matter.

Definition In primate taxonomy, the Tarsiformes are under the anthropoids but in traditional taxonomy, they are under the promians Term what are the morphological differences of strepsirhine and haplorhine primates?

What is an unconformity? The sandstone and granite are the same age. You will be told if your answer is correct or not and will be given some comments. What is relative dating?

Going on a date with a sibling or cousin.

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Eat inescts, gum, fruits. The principle that the layers were originally horizontal. All rocks were originally horizontal. If a dike protrudes through several layers of rock, what can we conclude? A sedimentary surface that represents a time gap in the sedimentary record.

Term what are the morphological differences of platyrrhine and catarrhine primates? The principle that higher layers are younger. Definition Central and South America.

The name of a dike or other feature that cuts across the layers. They are the most terestrial, and they live in relatively large groups. An offset of sedimentary layers along a fault. The original crust of the earth was almost perfectly flat.

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Term which lemur species does King Julien represent and what are the special characteristics of ring-tailed lemurs? The boundary between two rock types such as sandstone and shale.

Eat insects, gum, fruits, and leaves. Establishing that something happened a very long time ago. The rock layers formed before the dike. What is meant by the principal of original horizontality? Term where do New World monkeys live and what are their basic lifestyles? HeatonProfessor of Earth Sciences, University of South Dakota Click the circle by an answer with the mouse, then click on the Submit button to get a response.

Skull is zygomatic-pariental contact. Diurnal, eat insects, fruits, gum and leavesand they live in pairs or groups Term what are special traits of callitrichines dental formulaatelidae tailand night monkeys activity?