Hookup 1xx. Megashift and tuning software

Number of forward gears: This the the minimum speed allowed in manual mode, traveling slower than this will force the transmission into auto mode.

If the last shift was at 60 mph and the load doesn't change, another shift won't be allowed until the speed reaches either For example, if you had a 4-speed transmission, and set the "Burnout Mode Highest Gear" to 3 under Shift Factorsthen the trans if the lever was in 4th aka.

Gear Ratios You must enter the gear ratios built into the transmission.

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Only if under OR over rev: The intent is to prevent noise in the vehicle speed signal or load signal from causing the controller to jump back and forth if the speed load hovers around a shift point.

Also, if rpm checking is enabled and the Pc hookup crossword puzzle clue rpm exceeds the rpm limits an upshift if the rpm is above the upper limit or downshift if the rpm is below the lower limit Hookup 1xx forced.

The default in the V4 code is compared to 80 in the V2 code.

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The rpm checking can be disabled for use on a trans stim where the engine speed won't necessarily follow the gear changes. This keeps the engine's rpm within the limits whenever possible.

Shift Factors Auto Shift Mode: Switch to Auto mode if the manual gear lever is changed to Hookup 1xx, Neutral or Reverse OR if the engine exceeds the maximum rev limit OR the engine falls below the minimum rev limit.

If it is, the resulting engine speed is calculated before a shift, and the shift is blocked if the engine speed would fall outside the allowed range.

Both the shift completion delay time in milliseconds and the load values can be set there, and the value used will be interpolated. Note that in addition to a speed between 0 and 15 mph, you can set this to: This is the number of times the gear lever determination switches must be the same before the controller will consider it to be 'certain' of the switch state and establish the gear lever position.

The highest gear for which the lever will act to keep the transmission in the selected position when burnout mode is active.

Larger number slow the shift response, but filter more noise out of the signal. If the shift lever was in 3rd the target gear would always be 3rd hysteresis, etc.

This prevents a single button press from causing multiple shift up or down. This is the period has a single value. Instead the transmission remains in the current gear.

This allows the user to set the circumstances when auto mode is selected from manual mode without user intervention i. The chosen option only applies when in auto mode. This is active in auto mode. This can be sequential or skip-shift. This setting specifies whether rpm checking is enabled.

This is the period of time controller waits before changing the shift solenoid states to allow the line pressure change to take effect and for the TCC to disengage if necessary.

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Enabling burn-out mode effectively makes the trans manually shifted with the lever in the 1st since the highest gear will be 1st and 2nd positions burn-out modeand then the trans will be automatically shifted according to the shift table if the lever is in 3rd or 4th or higher if your trans has more gears.

Also, if rpm checking is enabled and the running rpm falls below the lower rev limit, a downshift is forced. It lets a user specify a gear lever position, and any time the manual gear shift lever is in that position or lower, the target gear will be the shift lever position. No further shift computations are made during these delay periods.

This parameter is used to prevent the transmission from trying to shift to a gear that the transmission does not have, and it is also used to limit the number of inputs available under the InputX Patterns and OutputX Patterns in the tuning software.

Hookup 1xx Pressure Adjustment Delay: If RPM checking is enabled, a down shift is not allowed if it will result in an engine speed greater than the upper rev limit value. Skip-shift may be faster, but may upset the vehicle dynamics. This is the number of forward gears in the transmission.

The upper rev limit should be set to the redline maximum rpm of the engine. Sequential always shifts to the next higher or lower gear, and completes that shift before attempting another shift.

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