We Got Married Compilation – Leeteuk & Kang Sora [ENG SUB] | We Got Married Compilation – Leeteuk & Kang Sora [ENG SUB] |

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LSH Jan 08 6: I believe there are some errors in your view of our entertainment industry.

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It is start for people who are not very well-known or who want to improve their image. This is enough to make her well-known. They had a beautiful good bye, letting the other know how much love they had for the other.

Idols are very popular in Korea, but they make not up all of entertainment industry in Korea. So if you have a problem with her or celebs in generaldon't visit her site and try to annoy fans with your jabbering. Super Junior was not popular when they debute.

In Korea you are not only famous because of drama or movie, but also because of CF and variety.

We Got Married Compilation – Leeteuk & Kang Sora [ENG SUB]

Kang Sora - A young new beautiful actress who caught the eye of the public with her role in the movie "Sunny". Yet, there were many situations where the idol group members would just get the roles relatively easily and this hurt my pride.

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You do realize it's just a show right? Often, Westerners don't know much about Korean entertainment besides idols, because not all of entertainment industry media is translated into other language.

Their shyness and awkwardness engrossed the viewers who were seeking to witness more interaction between the two, week after week.

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However Western view is that idols are most popular in Korea. In time they will all eventually date and get married like Shindong. I also think she did it because she wanted to get a bit of attention, but it's absolutely ok.

How the Fans Reacted

He can't be paired with someone his senior. It's definitley boosting her carreer, which is awesome. He does for her popularity same thing like seniors did for his popularity many years ago.

Kang sora dating leeteuk maybe she improved Jong Hyun popularity? We as their fans should honor their choice. Jan 14 3: Even though I ship SuJu couples xD I mean regardless of your love or hate for her, you should support Leeteuk because he'll be leaving for the Army soon.

And who knows, maybe she just wanted to experience variety shows?

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DC fans had their cheeks ascending to the heavens watching these two. Now he is doing the same for his juniors.

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She is more popular and well-known that Shinee Member Jong Hyun before they dated, even if she played not many movies or dramas. You don't even know her in person.

I'm not an obsessive fan btw.