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It is the twelfth largest state in Nigeria, and gets its name from the Jos Plateau.

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The Nok culture one of the earliest iron smelting cultures dating between BC and AD is associated with the area. Bauchi State Main Towns: History[ edit ] Plateau state has been adjusted to Ondo state dating site present borders many times.

Assop Falls is perhaps, the most notable of Nigeria's many waterfalls. Kanta Museum in Argungu is also a tourist attraction in this state. The Rest House provides visitors with plenty of opportunities to hike in the surrounding area.

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Rivers State Main Towns: It is renowned for its archeology and The Pottery Hall has an exceptional collection of finely crafted pottery from all over Nigeria. InPlateau State was further subdivided to create Nasarawa State which was carved out of the western half of Plateau State by Sani Abacha 's military regime.

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Kogi Stte is also famous for "the Okene" cloth, woven with rich thread into exquisite styles of varying colours. Tin is still mined and processed on the plateau. Wase Rock is a striking dome-shaped inselberg which juts out of the ground to an height of meters.

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On 12 December at least 30 people were killed as twin bombs exploded in the central Nigerian city of Jos [10] Administrative Love sites for dating edit ] The Nasco corporate headquarters is in Jos.

Sokoto is a major centre of Islamic scholarship in Nigeria. Jos has become an important national administrative, commercial, and tourist centre.

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It is a protected region of natural habitat and is home to hippopotami, crocodiles, and snakes of all types. Jos is the cradle of Tin mining operations on the Jos Plateau.

Plateau State, Nigeria

Jos north is the state capital and the area where most commercial activities of the state takes place although due to the recent communal clashes a lot of commercial activities are shifting to Jos south.

Akwa Ibom State Main Towns: They were transported by railway to both Port Harcourt and Lagos on the coast, then exported from those ports. It has a good stock of animals, birds and reptiles and was established in Oshun State Main Towns: Monument of King Jaja of Opobo and the relics of the Akassa raid of It is the location of the state's first hydroelectric power station.

Assop Falls has also proved popular with people shooting local soap operas and advertisements. It is renowned for its archeology and The Pottery Hall has an exceptional collection of finely crafted pottery from all over Nigeria.

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Coal, Lead, Limestone, Gypsum. It is located about kilometers southeast of Jos near Wase town.

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Business Opportunities Agricultural products are available in large scale and these include potatoes, groundnut, vegetables of varied sorts,fruits, yams and many other items.

At this time Nigeria had twelve states. This creates the unusual scenery of the Jos Plateau.

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Amusement Park at Owerri. Tin mining has led to the influx of migrants, mostly IgbosYorubas and Europeanswho constitute more than half of the population of Jos. The city proper lies between Jos north and Jos south.

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Ibadan, the state capital is the largest indigenous city in Africa, south of the Sahara with a population of about 1. They are a scenic range of hills to the east of Jos which offer a view of the city below.

Peter Azi who was elected by his Hon.

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