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Feedback is very important and as you can see, we have one highest ratings of customer satisfaction on eBay of any long term car dealership.

Remove the spark plugs and spray fogging oil into each cylinder.

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I am looking forward to earning your business. Remember some of these cars are nearly a decade old and they may be new to you, but that doesn't change the fact that they are used cars and repairs may be needed at any time regardless of how short a time period you have owned the car.

Connect a wire to the tach stud marked "BAT" battery and secure with a nut and lockwasher. Every effort has been made to deliver an accurate description, but it is possible to miss deficiencies.

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Create Professional Listings Fast and Easy. We will not be responsible for these minor accessories.

Technical Tidbits: Winterizing Your Outboard | Evinrude Nation Community

Need clarification on any of these instructions? Service the trailer, if needed.

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Vehicle will be held until your check clears our bank. Evinrude E-TEC outboards have special winterizing instructions listed in their owners manuals and they should be followed explicitly.

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Drain and refill the gear oil and inspect for chunks of metal on the drain screw magnets, as shown below. Click here to get started.

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The only States that do not have a reciprocal agreement with Florida where you will be double taxed are Arkansas and Mississippi.

Re-pack the wheel bearings, repair any corroded areas, check the lighting, and, if equipped, inspect the brake system along with the wheels and tires. Fogging Oil can be purchased with an injection hose to simplify winterizing procedures on carbureted motors equipped with a maintenance valve on the engine primer.

Being the high bidder does not mean you have been awarded the opportunity to "think about it" or to "get back with us. Connect the opposite end to a terminal or wire originating from the unrectified side of the alternator.

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Email SellerSecure Online Credit Application Form Applying for a vehicle loan online is one of the quickest and easiest application methods. All specs, dimensions and disclosures are believed to be correct but cannot be guaranteed or warranted.

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Proper protection procedures prevent premature problems. You may not experience freezing temperatures where you live, but your boat and motor still have to be prepared for long-term storage. Tighten nuts on the backclamp only slightly more than you can tighten with your fingers.

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To change light bulb, twist black socket assembly one-eighth turn counterclockwise until it pops out. Be certain to use stranded, insulated wire not lighter than 18AWG that is approved for marine use.

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Please read the terms and conditions as they are part of the vehicle's description. The balance is due and payable on or before 5-days after the end of the auction. While we try to service any known defects it is still possible for used vehicles to need service or repairs the first days or weeks of ownership.