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Persona 4 golden dating naoto. Fortune arcana : naoto shirogane - persona 4 golden guide

After you choose between any of the girls, it really doesn't feel like any Persona 4 golden dating naoto development occurs in the social link.

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It can also be something of a split personality, as it can talk seriously one minute, and act helpless and innocent the next, similar to how the Wheel of Fortune may act unpredictably.

When she asks why she is needed for this, the man reveals that this involves both Shadows and Personas, piquing Naoto's interest. It clarifies that the "body-altering operation" was to be a sex-change operation.

It believes itself to pursue "mankind's desires.

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That's still on the first page. After Nanako 's kidnapping, Dojima begs Naoto to save Nanako.

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After General Teddie cajoles her into moving on by mentioning her "next opponent," she continues onward without Yu. Which should have been one of the flags to start dating her.

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Naoto in school girl clothes! After she died as well, Namatame tried to contact the police and Tohru Adachi tricked him into throwing people into the TV to "protect" them from the killer; after the victims began to turn up alive after his kidnappings, he believed he was truly helping them.

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She also manages to win a beauty pageant despite not appearing for the swimsuit part. Adachi makes a non-playable appearance in arcade version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and becomes playable in the console version with a DLC. This results in Kanji becoming shocked and conflicted about his feelings towards Naoto, and more importantly, his sexuality.

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She eventually changes her mind when she realizes she cannot find the heart to leave the family and employees who supported her.

She appears alongside him in the Velvet Room, supporting Yu, [] replacing her sister Elizabeth when she leaves on a journey.

If the protagonist chooses not to take revenge and save his life, Nanako will be miraculously resuscitated, claiming she heard the player characters' voices.

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Golden Edit Naoto on a bike. In the Rank 9 event, Naoto will read off the final challenge from the thief, and asks the protagonist somewhere where she likes to be; for the most positive reaction, answer "Somewhere high.

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She and the protagonist then go to the hill and investigate the trash can, where she will obtain the final item, The Detective's Pocketbook. Using ArtemisiaMitsuru helps Naoto get into contact with Rise, who reveals she is locked up in the announcement room — after defeating Akihiko as well, Naoto makes her way there.

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Depending on which protagonist was chosen at the start, either SEES or the Investigation Team will encounter them first. Yukiko represents the player's Social Link to The Priestess. When Rei is kidnapped, Zen starts using the abilities she was using until then.

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Daisuke Namikawa provides the voice of the gas station attendant, while he and Romi Park jointly provide the voice of Izanami in the Japanese games. Yu Narukami The protagonist is the main player-controlled character of Persona 4.

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Mar 6, 09 at Naoto understands Mitsuru is only thinking of the better good, but decides to keep on investigating. He ends up in a Tartarus-esque version of Yasogami High School, meets Yu and company, and pays lip-service to Sho while secretly working to stop his plan.

You can totally date Naoto on your first playthrough. However, in both the original game and the Persona 4 Golden enhanced Short online dating headlines, as well as in Persona Q: Adachi eventually makes his move to destroy the crystallized Persona fragment that Sho had captured.

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The other fragments of her being became Ameno-sagiriKunino-sagiriand Kusumi-no-Okami. After the arrest of Mitsuo Kubo, the first suspect in the case, Naoto remains suspicious and decides to become bait to lure the culprit.

Despite his wild exterior, he is actually a friendly teenager who initially acts shy towards girls.