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Unfortunately, Brock's tutoring skills are a little too overbearing, so Reba takes over.

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Brock returns from the game announcing that the Wildcats won. Kyra's busy making cookies for him at the same time denying she's interested. Trivia Edit Kyra is the only child to have inherited Reba's red hair.

Reba asks her why she lied and Kyra says that she and her dad are very different and it's uncomfortable for them to hang out. She has her new tuba partner over to the house to practice and he turns out to be a cute boy named Brian.

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When they take over their first load of stuff in their new truck Van's father asks to speak with him alone. Reba suspects there's more to the story than Kyra saying she's grown out of her old instrument. Van knows how much this will crush Cheyenne, she was so excited about living in the Montgomery's mansion, maid and all.

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Brock and Kyra go out on their date and end up at a frilly tea party store where both of them are incredibly uncomfortable it was Barbra Jean's idea.

Van and Reba go over to the Montgomerys' to confront them. Cheyenne returns from "grocery shopping" with no bags, Glamour magazine dating tips an application for an apartment that she and Van found.

Kyra has forsaken her clarinet.

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She discovers that he knows the information, but was so stressed out over football, his marriage, future career and baby that he blanked on the test. Lori Ann encourages Reba to get rid of Brock's junk out of her garage, and they find a photo that suggests that Brock was fooling around with B.

The truck and the offer were a bribe to get him to leave his new bride. She then tells Van to ask his parents. Brock finally allows Van to try acting after Reba convinces him that he should take some of the stress out of his life.

They both decide they'd rather go see a movie. The Montgomerys make it clear that they asked Van to move in, not Cheyenne.

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Montgomery starts insulting Reba and her lack of morals for allowing her daughter to get pregnant and it finally gives Van the courage to stand up to his dad.

Kyra's crushed but says she'll do it. Kyra eventually becomes the lead singer in her metal pop-rock band around Seasons 4—6. Barbra Jean reveals that she had affairs with many other doctors, but was not with Brock in the picture but with a different doctor.

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Van returns from school and announces that he's failed his history mid-term. In the beginning of the series, Kyra disliked Barbra Jean. In the episode " She's With the Band ", Stitch is Kyra's friend, who allows her to stay at his place after she told her parents she's choosing to work on her music over going to college.

Mac and cheese wheels was Kyra's favorite when she was 8 years old.

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Van and Cheyenne tell Reba they're happy to be back home.