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They visit the Larsen residence and learn Earth essay pakistan quake teenaged girl is missing.

However, Rosie Larsen is found dead in the trunk of a stolen campaign car, and her teacher, Bennet Ahmed—member of Darren's outreach program—is suspected of her murder.

Holder shoots Jamie in a confrontation.

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He stops the beating and callssending Bennet to the hospital and landing Stan in jail. Jamie Anne Allman Stan Larsen's sister-in-law, Terry Marek is a call girl, by night, and, by day, a baby sitter of sorts for the Larsen kids.

After calling the authorities, he voluntarily goes to jail while Bennet Seattle online dating killing hospitalized. Linden shows her the drawing of a grove of trees drawn by Seward's son, Adrian, and mentions a possible connection with a recent murder.

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Stan and Mitch are shocked, and Terry is arrested. The drawing on the refrigerator turns out to be what the son of the murder victim was repeatedly drawing while he was waiting to be rescued from the room in which his mother was rotting.

At the morgue, the coroner estimates the dead girl's age to be 16 or These ventures opened Rosie's eyes to the world and she wanted to go to college out of state. Rosie left the dance early, dropped a book off at Bennet Ahmed's house, went home where she received a phone call, left to meet someone at or near the casino, and was never heard from again.

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It is presumed the killer may hold victims for several days before killing them. While being transported by police, he is shot by Belko Roycea Larsen family friend.

Kristin Lehman Gwen Eaton is the campaign advisor and secret lover of Seattle mayoral candidate Darren Richmondhelping chart his campaign against incumbent Lesley Adams. Upon learning that Rosie's body was found in the stolen campaign car of Seattle mayoral candidate Darren RichmondBelko suggests arranging a hit on the politician.

Her mind on leaving, along with Holder's unusual style of detective work, put the two at odds with each other, at times.

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On a stakeout, Reddick and Holder question the driver of an arriving car as well as the teenage girl with him. Belko becomes a family friend to the Larsens and assists in their investigation of Rosie Larsen's murder.

Oakes hands them a case and asks Sarah to help him begin his career in Homicide. Linden returns the new case file to Holder, suggesting it is not the killer's first murder.

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Upstairs, she spots a television report that shows released photographs of the crime scene where Rosie was found and, horrified, stops to watch it. Holder produces a photograph of Richmond driving the car that late fateful night and the man's alibi fails him.

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However, when Mitch visits Rosie's high school, she sees that Bennet still walks free. Darren's opponent, Mayor Lesley Adams, unsuccessfully attempts to recruit Jamie for his own campaign.

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One October weekend, the Larsen family, except for Terry's teenaged niece, Rosie, goes camping. The pastor says he last saw Ashley Kwon five days ago and mentions that kids sometimes stay at the 7 Star Motel. Linden discovers an unfinished construction site, Seattle online dating killing she deduces that Rosie was taking one last look at the city before leaving.

Terry brightens and beams when he approaches her, but he coldly passes her up. Season 3[ edit ] After walking away from her detective's job with the Seattle Police Department, Linden takes a job with the Vashon Island Transportation Authority, working on the ferry docks. He is later discovered to have played a key role in Rosie's death.

The girl is discovered murdered, and Terry makes sister Mitch feel guilty for not keeping in contact with the girl, that weekend.

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His boss found out about his drug use and he sought treatment, including attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. After busting into Goldie's apartment, Holder and Reddick find a television playing pornography showing a girl crying.

Despite swearing his innocence, Darren is arrested. At a school playground, she introduces herself to Adrian and asks if he remembers her from working on the Seward case.

He then proceeded to knock her out, lock her in the trunk of his car, and then hours later, as he and Ames struggled to decide whether to drown her in the river or not, Terry revealed to be Ames' mistress pushed the car in herself.

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She admits to Holder that there is a possible connection between Trisha Seward's murder and the others: She is asked by son Jack to move to Chicago to be closer to him, as he lives with his father, but she avoids the question.

After Rosie goes missing during the Larsen Seattle online dating killing camping trip, Stan learns from her best friend, Sterling Fitch, that she spent the weekend with her ex-boyfriend Jasper Ames.

Regi allows them to stay as long as necessary on her boat, which is docked in a marina.