When Should You Take Down Your Online Dating Profile? When Should You Take Down Your Online Dating Profile?

Taking down online dating profile, let's connect!

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Robin took down her profile after the second date and assumed Tim felt the same way. I logged onto JDate and found that his profile was still active and that he logged in a few days ago. Did he just not want me to know that he is searching far and wide?

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Keep in mind, though, that a white lie to you may not be a white lie to your potential partner. Robin became focused on his profile status. All of this makes me question the good things that have happened between us so far. Besides - what will you do if you keep going out with him, but you still see him online with an active profile because HE PAID for the service???

She insisted he take down his profile and told him how hurt she was by his inactions.

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He couldn't have waited until I left???? That's just common sense, and common courtesy. Typically, this will backfire. Take down your profile.

The problem was they weren’t dreaming together.

When 3 saw my profile was down, she asked me why. Take this conversation for example: Here is a link to the Midlife Forum: Have you ever pressured someone to take down his or her profile? On one hand, honesty is extremely important in a relationship.

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We became intimate on the 3rd date. Maybe you even delete them at the same time over a glass of wine. He told me he wanted us to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and also mentioned something about disabling our profiles but later said he forgot about saying that but said that was ok.

I believe you are justified in thinking that this new relationship has expired.