Waiting for Sex: An Honest Look at the Price of Patience Waiting for Sex: An Honest Look at the Price of Patience

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Calling me to clubs and such. If that is a concept that is foreign to you or which you disagree with, then you would not understand it no more than understanding the existence of priests or nuns or faith itself.

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Research reinforces this, those who have sexual partners before marriage are much more likely to go through a divorce, the more partners, the higher the chance. Reply William May 15, at Reply Patience April 29, at And yes, try to find partners you either love or think are very exciting.

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Reply Tictok June 1, at About a year later, I got together with the one I dated for 4 years and we did have sex, but the feelings were no longer there, things were no longer emotional and the first, what I feel was my best attempt at sex, really failed.

All the movies, TV shows, magazines, and university propaganda telling women to stay chaste until marriage are lying to you. Finally, part 2 shall be quick… I waited until I was 19 to have sex for the first time. Yes, we may be the minority but who wants to be part of the masses anyway?

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Once again, congratulations to you and yours on the wedding, and thank you for writing such an honest and unique — and yet somehow so easily relatable — article.

I went home disappointed.

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If you did, did that harm your married life? My wife went into our marriage a virgin, I had made the mistake with one other years ago, and I know the scars of having a history.

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Reply SapAuthor May 4, at Reply Jane February 3, at 9: I have always used a condom and had safe sex with a partner that I trusted. Reply Booker April 1, at 8: Especially, as I made a similar choice as you.

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